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H2Gremm, Pragma’s partner for its hydrogen mobility solution

Pragma Mobility offers solutions tailored to the realities of daily travel, making it easy for everyone to adopt hydrogen mobility, and facilitating urban travel without CO2 emissions.

Our system is designed from the outset to integrate the management of electric mobility, which is increasingly associated with the home.

Initially, we are targeting a fast-growing mode of mobility: the electric hydrogen bicycle. Developed since 2014 by Pragma, a company based in Biarritz, the Alpha hydrogen fuel cell bicycle offers a range of 150km on a single charge. 

Our system is capable of recharging it in just a few minutes, and incorporates specific management for this type of light mobility. It is also the starting point for the integration, at the end of 2021, of a version capable of managing a daily top-up for a hydrogen-powered car like the Toyota Miraï.

Every day, the Pragma group puts into practice the values that make up the company’s DNA and that are shared by its teams. Its development is based on four key commitments

Innovation: the Pragma group is working to deploy a fast-growing energy source and to develop hydrogen solutions that can be easily integrated into a wide range of applications, particularly urban mobility.

Responsibility: sustainable, low-carbon solutions with a neutral impact on the environment.

“Made in France: a guarantee of quality, ethics and local industrialisation, all Pragma solutions are designed and manufactured in France.

Reliability and simplicity: thanks to its integrated operations and advanced technological expertise, the Pragma group controls the entire value chain for its products, enabling it to offer turnkey solutions and associated services.