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Horizons Hydrogène exhibition, 28-29 November, PARIS

As a GOLD Partner of this event, H2GREMM would like to take advantage of this occasion to launch the marketing of its “Mobility” range.
Come and see our refuelling station and talk to us about your hydrogen mobility projects!

Horizons Hydrogène: the must-attend event for hydrogen professionals
The third Horizons Hydrogène conference will be held on 28 and 29 November 2023 at the Centre de Congrès Rive Montparnasse in Paris. This key event for the hydrogen industry will bring together 800 professionals, 100 sponsors and partners and 115 high-level speakers.

The programme for this year’s event includes
2 days of strategic conferences: industry experts will be meeting to discuss the major challenges facing hydrogen, such as infrastructure development, technological innovation and economic competitiveness.
Feedback on experiences and projects: companies and local authorities will be sharing their successful hydrogen initiatives.
Innovative demonstrations: Hynnovation partners will be showcasing their latest technologies and solutions.
Technical and educational training modules: participants can learn about the latest knowledge and skills in hydrogen.
A comprehensive and unique overview of the sector’s prospects and opportunities
Horizons Hydrogène is an opportunity for hydrogen professionals to meet, exchange ideas and discover the latest innovations and trends in the industry. This unique event offers a comprehensive and unique overview of the prospects and opportunities for hydrogen, a booming market.

Horizons Hydrogène 2022 report: a growing success
The second Horizons Hydrogène conference, held in 2022, was a resounding success. Although 600 professionals were expected, 900 visitors actually attended the event.
This success is due to several factors. Firstly, Horizons Hydrogène has become the must-attend event for all those involved in the hydrogen industry. The event brings together professionals from all walks of life, from manufacturers and researchers to investors and institutions.
Horizons Hydrogène also offers a comprehensive and attractive programme. Participants can attend strategic conferences, project feedback, innovative demonstrations and technical and educational training modules.
Last but not least, Horizons Hydrogène is a great place to exchange ideas and network. Participants have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and forge partnerships.
It’s a not-to-be-missed event for hydrogen professionals: a chance to keep abreast of the latest innovations and trends in the industry, and to develop their network.

Discover the programme for 2023:

Geopolitics: what are the new challenges?
Hydrogen, a decarbonisation tool but not the only one!
Overview of industrial and mobility needs, industrial and mobility uses
Hydrogen production, technology benchmarks
Hydrogen imports and the maturity of the subject in France
Security of supply and competitiveness
Public and industrial investment
Transport infrastructure, value chain, storage
Natural hydrogen
Pricing, subsidies…